Bodega Day 2018. Photo by Brian Barnicle @brianbarnicle

Bodega Day 2018. Photo by Brian Barnicle @brianbarnicle



Cheyenne Skye sings from the heart and writes timeless songs with an equal touch of emotion and humor along with a little sprinkle of her love for nature, and her passion for recognizing environmental issues. 
She projects a combination of folk and soul sound, almost as if Patsy Cline, Nina Simone, Janis Joplin, Devandra Banhart, Jade (from Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes), Hurray For The Riffraff, Jim Croche and Rodriguez all had a baby together. 


A little bit more about the artist: 

Cheyenne grew up in Carpinteria California, just south of Santa Barbara on the coast, tucked between the mountains and the ocean. As a young girl she was always elbows deep in music and art. As a teenager, she spent most of her time singing and writing songs while adventuring in the backcountry of Los Padres National Forest behind her hometown. After several garage bands fizzled out when high-school ended, Cheyenne branched away from her small hometown and met other like-minded female musicians who organized an open mic night called "Bean Night" at The Rainbow House, in UCSB's Isla Vista neighborhood. Soon after they formed the band "Rainbow Girls". In the same year of forming the band, Cheyenne traveled to Europe to live and study abroad in Rome when she was 19. Four months later, the other members of the band flew out to Europe to meet her for their first tour, which consisted of backpacking with their instruments strapped to them, traveling by train bus and rideshare, busking around different European countries, and playing whatever shows they could get. Magic was in the air when they came together to sing and play and it was from that point on that they decided to go full time music. Eventually the group saved up to buy a van (named "Spiralina Sea Monster"), and their own sound system to professionally tour with. For four years Cheyenne toured all over western United States and three different Europe/UK tours with Rainbow Girls. They eventually added a drummer, making a five piece all female folk/rock band. Together they wrote many songs, played many shows, busked the streets to pay for food and gas money and lived out of their tour van together most of the time. Cheyenne took part in recording two albums with the group, one titled "Joshua Tree/Big Bear Sessions", which was home-recorded in a tent and a cave, and the other album, "The Sound Of Light", recorded at XYZ studio in San Diego, CA. She was still in the group leading up to the process of recording the album, "Perceptronium", but did not end up being apart of the album in the studio. 

In 2014 Cheyenne left Rainbow Girls to take a break from touring and followed a calling to live and work in rural interior Alaska. She spent two years experiencing the rugged country and culture while working for Alaska Fire Service in a village off the Yukon River, 230 miles away from any road system, a place where you have to fly or boat to get to. After living in the rural country of Alaska and mostly playing songs by the campfire at night for two years, it was in the fall of 2016 that she decided to pursue her music career again, this time as a solo artist. Cheyenne still keeps a strong relationship with Rainbow Girls, and often still collaborates with them and other friends for live performances.

In the fall of 2017, Cheyenne self- funded her first solo EP, "Pruned For The Picking",  recorded in Ojai at El Camino Sound, produced by Dannyboy Wright. The EP was released April 22nd 2018, she will be consistently touring and playing shows with this new EP until she is able to record and release a full album. Cheyenne plans to continue sharing her music with the world as a life-long career, while also traveling, exploring new places and communities, and always following her heart to do what she loves.